School Coaching

School coaching is a special department at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule that provides support with learning challenges, particular educational needs and social conflicts.

The School Coaches have a wide range of tests at their disposal, with the help of which parents can receive targeted advice and individual support plans can be developed. The need for support can be identified at an early stage so that the School Coaches can work preventively before the need becomes a problem. A holistic view of the child and close cooperation with parents and teachers help to ensure that our students are supported and challenged according to their personal development. In addition, our School Coaching is available for discussions with parents on educational issues. In addition to pupils and parents, the School Coach Office is also the point of contact for staff within the Josef Schwarz School to provide support with educational, social or emotional issues.

As an internal crisis or care team, the School Coaches also offer support and counselling in cases of loss, grief, death, separation and illness.

Our School Coaches for secondary school are:

Juliane Brugger  (School Coach Secondary)

Juliane Brugger studied International Business Psychology (B.A.) at the EBC University of Applied Sciences Stuttgart and at Griffith College Dublin.
She then gained 6 years of professional experience in the business environment, first as a shop manager and sales assistant in e-commerce, then in stationary retail as a promotion manager. After the instructive years in business, she is now looking forward to applying the psychological part of her studies in practice as part of the JSS Coaching Team since 01.09.2022. Helping the students on their way to choosing a course of study and a career, and recognising and promoting their talents, is a special affair of the heart for her.