JSS in Lockdown

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Distance Learning in Primary School

Around 170 parents of pre-school and primary school children took part in our online survey on distance learning. The work of the teachers and organisers of distance learning and emergency care was particularly appreciated. The gratitude of the parents could be seen in many comments, just as it was of course a great challenge for you as parents to bring Distance Learning and Home Office under one roof. Many parents were happy when the material packages were sent home by post with weekly plans, as it gave the children structure and made it easier for the parents to print and prepare the distance learning. 

And in Secondary School

Thanks to the existing equipment with software and hardware and the commitment of the teachers, it was possible to completely convert the lessons to digital learning within a few days. The students had lessons at the usual times, only at home. 97.5 percent of the just over 140 participating parents fully or predominantly agreed on the opinion that “The Josef Schwarz School Secondary has coped well with the phase of digital learning during the Corona crisis.” Also in the area of digitalisation, 95% of the parents attest us a “good level”.

Experiences with Distance Learning

Parents and our teachers talk about their experiences with Distance Learing:

Sandra E., her sons attend the 1st and 4th grade at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule in Erlenbach

„Weil die Lehrer einfach so sind, wie sie sind – sie machen mehr als viele andere und das hat sich auch in dieser Situation wieder gezeigt. Das war fantastisch!“ 
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Rachel Gerhardt, Primary School Teacher at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule in Erlenbach

“Not only my students had to adjust themselves to distance learning, I became a student again too. This whole situation was and is a new territory for me and a new opportunity for learning. I strongly believe this will only make me a better teacher.”
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Stephanie S., her children attend the 5th and 8th grade at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule in Erlenbach

„Ich fand es wirklich unglaublich, was bereits an Vorarbeit von der Schule geleistet wurde, damit nach der Corona-bedingten Schulschließung nahezu nahtlos mit dem Homeschooling und virtuellen Unterricht weitergemacht werden konnte. Das war schon toll!“
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Cristina Baglio, Secondary School Teacher for grades 5 to 8 in German and French at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule in Erlenbach

„Als wir uns aber komplett umstellen mussten, war für mich eine der wichtigsten Fragen: Wie motiviere und erreiche ich meine Kinder, wenn ich sie nicht direkt vor mir habe?“
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