Stratoflight organised by Grade 10

Check out the flight in our video below!

On 26.11.2022, the sky/space seemed closer than ever to the Josef Schwarz School Erlenbach (JSS). At the big Open Day in Erlenbach, it was particularly exciting for the students, teachers, parents and visitors: In cooperation with Stratoflights (, the tenth graders of the IMP class (IMP = profile subject computer science, mathematics, physics) launched a self-made weather balloon with a probe into the air, which flew up to the stratosphere to collect data.

Peter from the IMP class at JSS Erlenbach says that he and his classmates had already planned the weather balloon flight a month and a half beforehand. Among other things, they worked out in advance how to build the probe and took the wind directions into account in their calculations for the probe flight. A great project that was actively supported by Hannes Neubauer as a teacher.