Rooms & Enviroment

Our school is located in natural surroundings on Binswanger Strasse, close to the Stiftsberg in Erlenbach. Facing our premises is the Sommerberg in the town of Erlenbach.

We moved into our new building in September 2013. The school has a spacious main building with an entrance area, school hall, cafeteria and a fully equipped kitchen. The adjoining part of the building contains our classrooms and function rooms. We have a three-field sports hall available for sports. On the outside, in addition to the main playground, there are two play areas, a small sports field, a school garden and a recreation area.

We are currently in the middle of an expansion project: The school's outdoor area is being extended to the east. The sports field will be relocated and the outdoor sports areas will be enlarged. A new extension building will be built on the current area of the sports field. We will combine the after-school care area with specialized rooms in the extension building. There will be a further improvement for pick-up and drop-off traffic, as a second access road to the school will be built to the east of the extension area.