School coaching

School coaching is a special department at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule that provides support with learning challenges, particular educational needs and social conflicts.

Our school coaches for the primary school are

Jennifer Hohenschläger (B.A., B.Ed., English as a Second Language, Special Education Teacher)

Rachel Bradshaw (M.Sc. Schulpsychologie)


Saraswathi Ramasamy has her master’s in educational psychology from Ludwig-Maximilian-University, Munich and her master’s in counselling psychology from the Women’s Christian College, Chennai. She has worked with children with a wide range of abilities and challenges. Specifically, she has worked with children with dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and autism and has extensive experience counselling parents of children with difficulties. Ms. Ramasamy has also closely worked with teachers and conducted workshops for them on identifying and intervening children with learning difficulties, emotional needs of children in school and classroom management. Additionally, Ms. Ramasamy has also conducted seminars and workshops for university students on educational and developmental psychology.

Ms. Ramasamy is passionate about working with children, advocating for them and facilitating them in learning and growing.


Our School Coaches are able to identify any need for support or counseling at an early stage due to their close proximity to educators and children.

The School Coaches have a wide range of tests at their disposal, can provide parents with targeted advice and develop individual support plans. Support needs can be identified early, allowing School Coaches to work preventively before the need becomes a problem.

Moreover, our School Coaching is available to meet with parents regarding parenting issues. In addition to students and parents, the School Coach Office is also a point of contact for staff within the Josef Schwarz School to assist with educational, social or emotional issues.

The Care Team provides companionship and counseling for loss, grief, death, separation and illness. The team is also responsible for our Oasis. The Oasis is a place of retreat, where the Care Team offers various activities for students, teachers and employees of the school.

For questions or personal concerns, your contact person is Hermine Baur-Ihle, religion teacher and school chaplain (

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