Primary School

A state-approved private school, the bilingual Josef Schwarz Primary School in Erlenbach has been operating since 2012.

Our work revolves around the children. Thinking from the perspective of a child and understanding and respecting their point of view requires a special learning culture. Rather than focussing on teachers and their lessons, we emphasise honest, in-depth interaction with each individual pupil. This mutual learning relationship between teachers and students allows us to meet the needs of each child and provide them with optimal support.

A strong orientation towards learning objectives is part of this optimal support. In addition to the shared goals of the learning group, the children also have personal targets. This target-oriented approach guides the students’ learning paths, showing them which efforts are required to attain a given goal.

Successful achievements and the feeling that their efforts were worth it motivate the children further. As a result, learning is perceived as a positive experience.

Our teachers are native speakers of English and around 70% of each school day takes place in English. This intensive language immersion enables pupils to learn the foreign language to an almost native level over the course of their primary school studies.

In addition to attractively designed classrooms, our innovative learning environment comprises research laboratories, role play rooms, a children’s kitchen, an art workshop, a LEGO education lab, a music and exercise room with a mirror wall, a gym with a climbing wall and an array of other equipment. All learning spaces offer a wide variety of resources, ranging from Montessori materials to tablet computers.

Children are explorers, which is why learning by research and discovery is a high priority to us and a common theme in all the subjects we teach.

The STEM subjects, i.e. science, technology, engineering and mathematics, constitute a focal point at our school.