Registration and Admission

Frequently asked questions:

What is the profile contribution?

The concept of the Josef Schwarz School includes an expensive bilingual educational program. Based on the so-called immersion method, the English language is taught by qualified native speakers/teachers. The language acquisition takes place in particular in immersion lessons that go beyond the timetable of comparable institutions. The special profile of JSS is further realised by accompanying elements: Assistant Teachers, School Coaching, Talent Coaching, Individual Funding (IFF), Guided Reading Programme, open learn houses in the Secondary School until 6 p.m.
The school receives no state funding for this increased effort and therefore charges an additional, voluntary, income-related profile contribution for its bilingual education.

How can I register my child?

Registrations are only possible online via our Online Application Form.

When should I register my child?

We recommend that you register your child as soon as possible, due to the great demand.

When are the Trial Days?

Trial Days are generally held between February and April. Additional information are available on our website under “Admissions Procedure”.

When do parents receive a placement offer/contract?

Placement offers are sent at the end of May/beginning of June.

Can I request a personal introduction outside of the Trial Days?

Personal introductions outside of our school Trial Days are only possible if you are moving to the area or if you are applying for a transfer during the school year. Otherwise you can register for an Information Evening on our homepage.

Can my child transfer into an upper grade level?

Basically, transfers into every grade level are possible. Prerequisites are that (a) space is available in the desired class, and (b) we have verified, after one or two trial days, that your child is able to handle the special challenges of a bilingual school.

Do I have to register my child at a public school even if I have registered at the Josef-Schwarz-Schule and attended a Trial Day?

Yes, you must register your primary school child at a public/state school. If you receive a placement offer and sign a contract with the Josef-Schwarz-Schule, you can withdraw your registration at the public/state school.

We are from outside Germany and our child does not speak German (or English). Would it still be possible to register at the school?

A registration is possible in principle; however each case must be reviewed and considered individually. Knowledge of at least one of the two languages of instruction is definitely a great advantage.

What kind of income documentation will be needed?

In order to calculate your school fees, we will ask that you complete a form listing your types of income and submit a copy of your Income Tax Return for the appropriate year. School fees are calculated based upon your income tax return from the year before last year.

The school is partially sponsored by the Schwarz Group of Companies. Do children whose parents work for the Schwarz Group have priority?

We are a private school open to the public and all registrations are handled equally. 

Are parents required to be employed by the school’s co-sponsor, Schwarz Group?

No, parents are not required to be employed by the Schwarz Group.

Is special consideration granted for siblings?

Sibling children do have priority, however siblings are also invited to our Trial Days and we will verify that the school concept is also a good fit for the child.

Are children automatically accepted into the First Grade from the Reception class?

If your child has been accepted into the Reception class, no additional registration is required for the first grade. Because the “Reception” class is formally a Kindergarten class, there are different school contracts for Reception and Primary School. Although we seek to offer all Reception children a place in the first grade, it is not always in the child’s interest or possible/sensible to do so.

If I have registered my child but we were not offered a placement, can I register my child again?

Theoretically, yes; however we generally do not offer placement to children who have already received an unfavorable decision.