Rooms & Enviroment

Approximately 400 students can attend the upper secondary level. The architectural layout of our school allows us to remain open to new developments and different study arrangements.

We have created a learning environment in which teaching, individual study and group work in the classroom can alternate smoothly with activities in external facilities.

Students are assigned to one of three learning houses, divided into three “learning families” that consist of students from years 5 and 6, 7 and 8, and 9 and 10, respectively. Each student has their own, permanent workspace in a learning studio. This system makes it possible to keep teaching and learning materials inside the school for the most part.

Besides the learning studio, each learning house has three well-equipped input rooms, each with 23 workspaces (these largely correspond to a traditional classroom). Learning workshops and specialist rooms equipped to the highest standards complete the learning environment.

Each floor also features a lounge area. The inner courtyards on the garden level offer the students additional opportunities for spending time together. Meeting rooms can be used for talks or as a place to retreat at any time.

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