Curriculum and Leaving Certificates

As a private alternative school, we follow the official state curriculum of Baden-Württemberg.

This common curriculum for the secondary level defines different levels of requirements leading to the various qualifications.

According to its form of state approval, Josef Schwarz Secondary School is a comprehensive school (Gemeinschaftsschule). Our secondary school is extended by a three-year upper secondary school after graduation in class 10.

The subjects and numbers of lessons taught for each subject are similar for comprehensive schools and Gymnasium schools (similar to a grammar school). The highest level (“E level”) of our curriculum corresponds to that of a Gymnasium.

We also expand on the Baden-Württemberg curriculum by adding content from internationally recognised courses.

As the study groups cover the entire spectrum of educational standards, all of which can be attained by the students according to their skills, any qualification is possible:

•      Abitur upon graduation from upper secondary level

•      Lower secondary (Realschule) leaving certificate after year 10

•      Junior high school (Hauptschule) leaving certificate after year 9

Performance records are governed by the grading regulations of the state of Baden-Württemberg.