Daily Routine

A school day with us can look like this (example):

ab 7.30 Uhr            Arrival at JSS

ab 8.15 Uhr            Preparation for the 1st lesson in the Lernhaus

ab 8.30 Uhr            Independent work on given weekly goals

ab 8.45 Uhr            Impuls Deutsch (guided instruction with work phase)

ab 9.15 Uhr            Study Time in the Lernhaus (in-depth exercise)

bis 10.05 Uhr        Pause for movement

10.05 Uhr               Impulse Mathematics (guided lessons with work phase)

10.35 Uhr               Study Time Mathematics in the Lernhaus (in-depth exercise)

11.30 Uhr               History in the Learning Workshop

12.30 Uhr               Lunch together in the team and break from exercise

13.30 Uhr               Profile subject Sport

15.00 Uhr               free learning time in the learning studio

15.45 Uhr               Club: e.g. Musical or Basketball

The JSS learning houses are available for children and young people to learn. Your learning studio is open from 8.00 to 18.00. At the latest with the last teacher you have to leave the learning room in the evening.