Friends’ Association

The Friends’ Association of Josef-Schwarz-Schule was founded in November 2012 with the purpose of supporting the educational mission of the school.

With the help of donations, the organisation aims to put into practice ideas that assist students on their journey through school. Membership is open to any individual or institution. The minimum annual donation of €150 is used to fund projects of the Friends’ Association. Donation receipts are issued accordingly.


  • Furnishing and equipping the school library
  • Obtaining equipment for the school theatre (props and costumes)
  • Purchasing musical instruments
  • Purchasing sports equipment (for example a competition trampoline)
  • Financing of a specially produced workbook for the entrance level, which is adapted to our extensive immersion concept and the rapidly growing English skills of reception children
  • Purchasing of the Legolab

Upcoming projects

  • Improving/expanding stage equipment (for further performances, bands etc.)
  • Maker Space extension with 3D printer
  • Extension of the library with more shelves and books for the secondary school 

You can find the application for the Friends’ Association (in German only) here:

Beitrittserklärung zum Förderverein der Josef-Schwarz-Schule e.V.
Flyer des Fördervereins der Josef-Schwarz-Schule e.V.


President: Silke Lohmiller

Vice president: Heike Hellerich

Treasurer: Frank Schumann

Secretary: Tina Urban


VR Bank Heilbronn Schwäbisch Hall eG
IBAN: DE85 6229 0110 0864 4310 07


Förderverein der Josef-Schwarz-Schule e.V.
c/o Schwarz Dienstleistung KG
Stiftsbergstr. 1
74172 Neckarsulm