New Admissions

As an internationally orientated, bilingual school, we can offer your child an ideal start in Germany. Especially for younger children, the Josef-Schwarz-Schule is a good introduction to the German school system.
English is not just a foreign language for us, but is used like a mother tongue in everyday school life. A large proportion of our teaching, especially in the sciences, takes place in English, delivered by native English speaking teaching staff.
To make it easier to start bilingual learning, we offer a variety of support options, such as direct support during the individual lessons, additional German training for non-native speakers by our team of tutors or booster camps during the summer holidays.
In addition, Report Card grading can be waived during the entry year and the following year if these are not exams years. Furthermore, unlike most schools in Germany, the Josef-Schwarz-Schule will not urge such students to repeat a year. This means that your child will not lose any time even if he or she starts with little or no knowledge of German.
Experiences at different bilingual schools show: In a learning environment in which English and German are equal learning and colloquial languages, the language competence of most children develops very quickly. Students who are exposed to such a language immersion often succeed in reaching a solid German level within a few years if they are motivated to do so.
Trial days and a personal discussion with the school management support decision-making process during the admissions process.