"Elective subject technology – that's clear, it includes: sawing, gluing, screwing, nailing, sanding ... !"

Explicitly yes, but there is much more to the subject. Technology is one of three compulsory elective subjects that are chosen at the end of year 7, with a view to learning in year 8 until the end of year 10.

Would you like to bring in your own ideas and construct, draw, produce and design technical workpieces yourself using various materials (wood, metal, plastic)? Do you like experimenting with electricity or would you like to develop your own lamp or alarm system? Would you like to try out a project and practically implement how, for example, traffic lights are regulated in road traffic or how a blind automatically darkens the window when the sun shines? Are you fascinated by technical systems such as power plants, the automobile, various engine systems or transmission technology and what significance they have in our modern society, what opportunities and risks these systems offer? Do you want to design your dream house so that you can decide how you want to live in the future?

Then technology is the right subject for you!

If you have chosen the subject of technology, you will also benefit from the fact that you have chosen a subject in which you can learn practically and theoretically in projects and in a team within a small group. Your practical, oral and theoretical performance is assessed and is equivalent to that of a normal main subject (Mathematics, German, English). At the same time, technology is part of the Realschule final examination as a practical subject. However, work can also be done in this subject at grammar school level in order to design an individual educational path for each pupil. It should be emphasised that all compulsory elective subjects (AES, Technology and French) are equally suitable for attendance at a gymnasiale Oberstufe and leave all paths open.