Innovation - Coding - Media (ICM)

Knowledge in the field of IT and robotics will become increasingly important in the future. We as Josef-Schwarz-Schule have set ourselves the goal to include this subject area as a focus in the school profile: ICM - Innovation, Coding and Media

How is this different from "regular" computer science classes?

We work in a project-oriented manner: Our students are trained to become innovative members of our society. We therefore teach both the joys and the hardships of implementing ideas and projects.
In grades 5 and 6, all students acquire solid knowledge in the use of computers and basic skills in common office applications as well as safe behavior on the Internet. Initial programming skills are taught in BNT, as well as an introduction to programming Lego Mindstorms robots. Particularly enthusiastic students can also attend the Lego Robo Club and become part of our First Lego League team (clubs).
In grade 7, there is an introduction to the block-based programming language Scratch, which concludes with the first final project "Design your own computer game". 

Innovation-Coding-Media as a main subject?

If the students are fascinated by "coding", the subject IMP can be chosen as a profile subject from grade 8. In this main subject, physics and mathematics subjects are solved with the help of their own programmes in various programming languages. Always with a practical reference. This makes mathematics fun!

In addition to the mathematical and physical content that the Baden-Württemberg education plan provides for this subject, we also deal with the textual programming of the Arduino in grade 8. This can be imagined as a kind of very small computer on a single circuit board, with the help of which even more complex sensors and actuators can be controlled. In addition to the basic skills in the programming language C, the students receive an introduction to the project management framework SCRUM, which they conclude with the project "Electrification of a Bobby Car".

In grade 9, the focus is on learning basic skills in programming software. We use the programming language Python as it is very easy to learn. The knowledge acquired is applied in an independent project. It does not matter whether the students want to do an Arduino project or a pure software project. The students are thus introduced more deeply into the structure of SCRUM. 

The focus in grade 10 is on learning object-oriented programming. For this purpose, textual programming skills are extended to include the JAVA language. The project management training culminates in the business game "Built your own Business", in which the students work out their own business case in theory and present it to a jury of experts. This project can also be followed up and submitted as an entry to relevant competitions. 

Innovation-Coding-Media at Abitur?

In grade 11, the preparation for a possible Abitur in computer science is intensified. On the one hand, there is a so-called "bridge course in computer science", which also gives those students access to computer science in the Abitur who have not yet taken the IMP profile subject.
In addition, the subject of Java and web design will be covered in greater depth in the IMP.

In addition to the basic subject, we also intend to offer the performance subject in computer science (college) for the year (subject to approval by the Stuttgart Regional Council). The knowledge of the programming languages C++, Python and Java acquired in the middle school will be deepened and extended by in-depth knowledge of databases, technical computer science and theoretical computer science. The focus will continue to be on modern cryptological methods and the implementation of own machine learning programs in the Python programming language. The content taught at other schools will be extended with deeper knowledge of the project management framework SCRUM. The primary goal is to provide our students with valuable fundamentals for a career in the informatics field. We are convinced that these are an essential basis for the digital transformation of our society and economy.  

With us, the name says it all... Innovation, Coding and Media exclusively at JSS.