"The basis of all happiness is a good cuisine."

Tasty & healthy

A balanced diet is important for children to develop healthily and to remain attentive and focused in their school day. To show our commitment to quality, we have been certified by the German Nutrition Society (DGE).

Everyday life in the JSS kitchen

"Life is short. Eat dessert first."


Production kitchen
Every day we cook freshly prepared, innovative and varied dishes.


Our kitchen team 
Our head chef Manu and his team inspire with their varied cuisine.


The day begins with a healthy breakfast buffet in the refectory.


Morning snack
With our morning snack we fill the energy tank of the students.


Lunch time
We combine different food groups to optimally cover nutritional needs.


Afternoon snack
At the end of the day, we serve savoury snacks, fruit or the occasional dessert to keep our students going through the many afternoon activities.


Drinking bottles can be refilled with still or mineral water at any time.


The opinion of our students counts
Our kitchen team has its finger on the pulse of the students. To this end, the class representatives meet at regular intervals at the Chefs Table, bring feedback from the students, can clarify open questions and, of course, make suggestions.


Fast Food Friday
For our secondary school students, there is the popular FFF on the last Friday of every month. Our kitchen team comes up with varied dishes, interpreted as healthily as possible.

"Gute Küche ist die Kunst, mit Nahrung Glück zu erschaffen."