The sports profile subject builds on the regular sports lessons. The pupils acquire theoretical and practical competences in sports, nutritional science and human anatomy in the sports profile subject.

The practical sports competences and contents are similar to those in regular sports lessons, but take place at a much higher level. Here is an example from athletics: In regular physical education there are the throwing and pushing disciplines long throw and shot put. In the profile subject, the challenging throwing disciplines of javelin, discus and hurling ball are added. In sports games such as basketball, football, handball, etc., we deal intensively with team tactics in addition to the sport-specific techniques. One focus of the sports profile subject is outdoor sports, such as mountain biking. In addition to riding techniques and bike maintenance, responsible behaviour and sports activities in nature play a major role.

In the theoretical part of the sports profile subject, we deal with sports-relevant human anatomy and healthy and performance-enhancing nutrition, for example. We learn about different training methods. These are analysed and compared. Afterwards, the students create an individual training plan for themselves and their preferred sport. This is carried out over a longer period of time, evaluated and optimised.

In the higher grades, we focus on the social role of sport. We discuss the ever increasing commercialisation of professional sport and compare these current developments with the Olympic idea of Pierre Baron de Coubertin. Other topics include emotions in sport, the effects and risks of doping substances and methods, and the energy supply in the human body during sporting activity.

The sports profile subject begins in grade 8. In grades 8 and 9 it is taught three hours per week, in grade 10 two hours. The sports profile subject is taught in addition to the regular sports lessons, so that sports-loving pupils in years 8 and 9 can have a total of 5 hours of sports per week (2 hours regular, 3 hours profile subject).