Everyday Culture, Nutrition & Social Matters (AES)

"Elective Everyday Culture, Nutrition and Social Matters" – what is that supposed to be?"

Yes, that's right, that's how many people feel when they first hear about this subject. The elective AES is one of three electives students can choose at the end of grade 7. From grade 8 to grade 10, this subject will then be part of their curriculum.

Would you like to live out your creativity and become a expert in the kitchen, with a sewing machine or in fashion design, or are you interested in doing something good and healthy for your body to increase your quality of life and be fit? Would you like to get involved in social projects (e.g. Heart Pillow Project) or learn how to make sustainable, responsible purchasing decisions for our environment, your wallet and all people in the world today and in the future? Would you like to expose advertising lies in the food sector so that you are no longer made fun of? Would you like to look beyond your own everyday culture in a subject and deal with the possibilities and wishes you have to shape your life and choose your individual lifestyle (e.g. in terms of living arrangements, leisure activities, family life, choice of profession, wishes, needs, financial management, food culture)? Then you've come to the right place in the diverse subject of Everyday Culture, Nutrition and Social Issues. 

If you have chosen the subject AES, you will also benefit from the fact that you have chosen a subject in which you can learn practically and theoretically in projects and in a team within a small group. Your practical, oral and theoretical performance is assessed and is equivalent to that of a normal main subject (Mathematics, German, English). At the same time, technology is part of the Realschule final examination as a practical subject. However, work can also be done in this subject at grammar school level in order to design an individual educational path for each pupil. It should be emphasised that all compulsory elective subjects (AES, Technology and French) are equally suitable for attendance at a gymnasiale Oberstufe and leave all paths open.