Professional Skills Training (PST)

Experience shows that for young people the step from school into the university or professional world is very big.

Questions often arise such as:

  • What should I study?
  • What are my strengths?
  • Which profession suits me?
  • How do I apply properly?
  • How can I prepare myself for my studies?

It is our concern to accompany our students on their way to answering these questions. Therefore, our Professional Skills Training consists of several components:

I. Career coaching – career and study guidance

What would it be like if you were not left on your own to answer the above questions, but had an advisor at your side to help you find the answers?

This is exactly the idea that the college of the Josef-Schwarz-Schule has realised. As a "Career Coach" (link to School Coaches), a business psychologist advises our students on all questions concerning the start of their studies or their entry into the business world. This is not about patronising, but about discovering one's own strengths and interests and how these can be put to productive use.

In addition, the career coach is an important information multiplier for all kinds of education fairs or (trial) study days.

II. Digitality

Today, no large company still works with pen and paper and digitalisation is also advancing in the university world. It is therefore immensely important to acquire a good grounding in this area at school.

Through the Laptop-1-1 programme, students at JSS College are already getting used to using the Office package effortlessly and intuitively. Thanks to digital memory management, notes are no longer lost - this is how self-organisation is practised in a virtual environment. The MS TEAMS learning platform not only strengthens communication skills, but also enables virtual collaboration. In this app, for example, students can work together on a presentation in parallel and across platforms.

III. Preparation for university

An important preparation for university is the writing of academic papers. At the JSS College, this is practised at an early stage. The main focus is on the correct citation. In addition, the students are taught the correct procedure for research. Here, it is important to distinguish between reputable sources and less reputable ones.