Get to know our bilingual secondary school.

Your child has been attending another school until now and you are still unsure whether a change to our school could be too much for your child? You are still unsure if a change to Phorms could be too much for your child? Get to know us personally - find out more about our Phorms concept, the possibility to grow into bilingual learning and the easy transition into our school.

Information Afternoon Grade 5 - 17th January 2025

Switching schools in Grade 5? With our cornerstones of bilingualism, STEM, digital teaching and the all-day community, your children are ideally equipped for the future. On this day, parents will receive detailed information about our concept and the process from registration to admission at the Josef Schwarz School.

Get to know the school management in person and our enrolment team can answer individual questions...

#nextlevellearning - more than just school
The future is digital. Knowledge in the field of IT and robotics will become increasingly important in the future. We at the Josef Schwarz School have set ourselves the goal of including this subject area as a focus in the school profile: ICM - Innovation, Coding and Media
School and Talent Coaching: personal interests are awakened and strengthened in regular personal discussions with educators.
With our wide variety of clubs cover all interest groups.
With full-day care from 07.30 to 18.00, we are the ideal companion for all working parents.

Do you have questions about entry? In our Q&A on lateral entry, many questions are answered.

1. My child has attended a state school until now. Will he be able to make the switch to a bilingual school concept with a high proportion of learning in English?

Many of our students have followed this path very successfully. In doing so, a child or young person benefits from the principle of the language bath, which makes it possible to learn English in a natural way.

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2. My child speaks no or only very little German. Is an admission still possible?

Especially in the lower classes (especially 5 and 6), an admission with no or little knowledge of German can be possible....

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