School Uniform

Who you are is more important than what you wear. Standardised school clothing strengthens the sense of community and improves the learning and social environment.

Children are allowed to develop irrespective of their social origins and without needing to pay attention to the latest fashion trends. They learn that their personality does not depend on fashion or outward appearance and are able to focus on what really matters: the development of their talents and skills. 

School clothing does not need to be boring and old-fashioned. Even standardised school clothing leaves scope for the expression of individual preferences. For this reason, Phorms Education has only introduced compulsory upper-body clothing and sportswear. Students are free to determine the rest of their clothing items themselves in accordance with the local rules of the school. This enables us to strike a perfect balance between a standardised appearance and a commonly experienced school culture on the one hand and individual freedom of choice on the other. 

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